Monday, August 15, 2011

I've got a companion who likes to work!!

Hello!!! Mama :)
So there is a tailor in our ward so she asked if I had anything that needed tailoring so she is just going to do it.   I figure it will save time and money on all of our parts. And FINALLY I get a companion that likes to work.   HALLELUJIA!!!!!   We are working sooo hard and he agrees about time effectiveness with me.   So we get a lot done!   So since the current ward I am in is not providing referrals we are tracting every day from 5 to 9 (those are the best hours to tract because everyone is home from work)   Oh, so with more tracting comes lot of new stories.   So I knocked on this door and big African American comes to the door and  I reach my hand out to shake his hand (I introduced myself) and he looked at my hand as if I had some kind of disease and told us to get off his property ha-ha!  (Gotta love Virginia.)   Oh and the next door down we knock at this door and a lady comes to the door and says, quote "sorry I am not interested I just moved in and I do not like the church I am currently going to so I am searching for the true church to attend,"  then she slammed the door ha-ha......... countless rejections this week but we had two people ask for book of Mormons and one of them said, “ I really wish I had a religion I could nurture my kids in!!!”   So we are going to stop by this week and teach her.   Oh and funniest story of all so me and my comp were sitting at our apartment figuring out who we could visit when I felt we needed to just start walking towards a less active lady’s house so as we were walking on the side of the road a guy pulls up in his small white Honda and says, “Are you evangelists?”  I thought he was a member so I laughed and said yes.   He said, “Hop in my car and I will take you where you need to go.”   So we ended up driving to his house and we taught him the restoration, it was way sweet and he loved it.   But the catch is that it was his last day home because he is going off to college now so we are going to give his info to the missionaries in his area.   He said it was cool if we did so.   Oh and Elder Whipple says that he is distantly related somehow Whipple Heating and Air ha-ha!!

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