Monday, August 8, 2011

Service softens investigators hearts.

Hello MOM
Ha-ha so NO I do not want to write letters ha-ha I prefer emailing.   And my emails are just as long as my letters........ I will try to make them longer. We are just teaching the same people and nothing unusual has happened, we have just been teaching a TON.   Although I can say that our part member family (the Reyes family) is really progressing.   I did a TON of service at their house this week.   They painted their windows so they needed their windows cleaned (post construction work) and then they bought a pool in the same week!!! If god didn't have a hand in this than I have no clue who did.   What are the chances that they bought the same pool that we have AND window cleaning........ It was definitely meant to be to soften hearts they were so grateful for my help. So regarding the Reyes family, me and my companion have been working hard so we can teach their son Eric and the dad Hosa.   Most of the "movement" is happening with this family.   Hosa is keeping commitments now and Eric is more open to hear of the messages we have to offer.  Sorry my messages have been so short lately it’s just that I am still in the same area and we have all the same investigators we tract a ton but have not been having any luck since Jay and Sonia although we did find an Indian guy yesterday named Santoosh who is interested in our religion so we are returning next Sunday to teach lesson 1.  And yes, me and my companion are getting along great he has really helped me grasp the concept of thinking before I speak.   It is quite interesting how each companion helps me notice my problems so I can improve myself.   I can’t believe you are going to be a relief society teacher that is way sweet.   What are you going to teach about next week? Does dad have a calling?  Oh and how does it feel to be out of school!!   Feels good to have a break? Oh and this summer are you planning on building the family room when dad gets a job?  oh and I don’t think you should set up the pool ha-ha if I were you I would just get the family a pass to the rec center so you don’t have to be responsible for cleaning the pool everyday ha-ha because we all know what is going to happen now that I am not at the house :D

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