Monday, August 8, 2011

I love the area, investigators, members and ward mission leader!!!


We are eating with members although we have cut back at eating at members to twice a week. And we schedule it as early as we can generally 4 o clock so we can tract 5-9.  In fact we had a dinner at a family last night and they were so quiet!!!!! It is almost like they killed someone and were trying to hide it from us, they were so awkward!!    Oh well, after we had dinner we tracted into this lady that let us in and we talked about the plan of salvation it was way sweet she is going to read and pray about the book of Mormon :)   Oh then about 3 hours later an African American family lets us in and we taught about the Book of Mormon but then they called their pastor and put him on speaker to list off bible references why men on earth are not allowed to receive revelations and that we cannot receive answers to our prayers. It is so sad that people honestly think that God is not our loving Heavenly Father. It really isn’t a hard concept to grasp. Millions of people around the world rely on everything that their pastor/minister says in fact when the preacher was on speaker the spirit was instantly driven out of the room.   But we felt prompted to talk about temples and after that the spirit was able to subside and the mood changed from attacking us to asking us sincere questions.   We are returning this week and are going to watch the stone cutter or some other movie about temples ha-ha :) OH PS I got a new companion!!!! His name is Elder Whipple who was born and raised in Orem Utah :)  He is way sweet!! He loves to work!!! :) :) :) I finally don’t have to drag any more companions to work :) We are getting a lot done this transfer in Garrison Ville :) So ya elder Odenwalder got transferred out of his area and I am staying in Garrison Ville.   I love it here :) the investigators, members etc.   Everyone is great :) The ward mission leader is sooo helpful and very enthusiastic about his calling as a ward mission leader :) well I love you all thank you for the letters :) love

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