Monday, August 8, 2011

It's the little things that get people interested!

Yes I have had a way sweet week. And yes I am doing just fine so no worries: P ok so to answer your questions yes the member meals have been slowing down a little but it’s all good we have money to eat and get subway gift cards and stuff from members.    And to answer your other question about missionary work in the ward ok well I am a strong believer in that it is too bad though for everyone in Utah because all of our neighbors are already members  BUT EVERYONE can do missionary work.   It really is the little things that get people interested, even small chat with a co- worker about your religion or give them a plate of cookies to show them you care about them. Missionary work is not just tracking.  It’s a way of life.   As we constantly strive to have missionary moments the Lord will provide but we have to be in tune for those golden moments and opportunities. Oh and that is soooooo cool that you got your voice back it is too bad I am in Virginia so I don’t have the chance to see you and Sarah and dad competing to see who has the better voice ha-ha!!!!   Oh, Jay and Sonia were next door neighbors with Mormons they were not referred to us, we tracted into them. That shows even your next door neighbor might be interested. NEVER ASSUME THAT SOMEONE KNOWS WHO YOU ARE.   But Jay and Sonia let us in because of the kindness and charity her neighbor showed for them.   Oh so update on me and my comp we are getting along great I have learned though to be more "careful" with my words so as you can probably guess he was a good 3rd companion for me to get so I could learn to think before I say...      The ward is great but I am hoping to get transferred out: P   I know that seems way bad but I really don’t want to live in a basement anymore and I would love to have a stove so I could cook some eggs or something in the morning so I am pretty sure I am leaving Oakton but we will see I LOVE the people and LOVE the ward and never want to leave but I have a feeling I am leaving and sherwani is leading the area.   Ha-ha just my prediction.   oh and that is soooo cool dad is learning how to cook sushi!! i LOVE sushi!!! So hopefully he keeps that up so when I return we can have a sushi smorgasbord. Ha-ha well I love you all!


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