Monday, August 8, 2011

I have never been so physically, mentally, and spiritually fit in my life!!!!!

Ok so its 131 Mathew Court  Garrison Ville, Virginia.   Transfers are next Thursday so it might change.   Ok so to answer your questions, I do not have a set number of hours that we tract a day. But I guess on average 1-2 hours a day. But when my companion left the area and I was in charge of the area I tracted for 7 hours.   On a normal day I am lucky to pass out 3 Book of Mormons.  To answer 6 it varies day to day but on average we have about 2 investigator lessons a day but we visit different members every day to give them the (six step program) that’s what our ward mission leader has asked us to do. And actually funny you ask ... no I have still have never given a blessing.   My companions always want to give the blessing so I just anoint the oil.   And yes I know exactly what you mean when you feel you need to bear your testimony!   I have been extremely careful to follow the promptings I receive.   And yes I received your shirts thank you soooooo much I love them :) ha-ha funny story…….. my pants are 3 sizes to big now and my belt is too big.   So I had to get pants from the DI in Burlington.   None of my pants fit anymore.   HAHA so I answered all of your questions… my turn.  How is the ward doing?   How is Sadie???   Dad, you Sarah, Marianne, what are you planning on doing for the remainder of the summer?  Does dad like his job?
Yes I am doing pretty good in fact I am doing amazing!! I love it here although I don’t like the humidity ha-ha. I am learning more than I can handle!   And my testimony has grown so much. I am sorry I do not have much to share this week because every one has been out of town. This week has been a stretch for me.   After all of my hard work and reading the scriptures daily, 2 solid investigators dropped us. And we got bashed several times this week. But at the same time, it was an extremely productive week in my studies I felt the spirit so strong during my personal studies in the mornings this past week and I have learned so much!! I have never been so physically, mentally, and spiritually fit in my life!!!!!
With much love ELDER MEITLER

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