Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Companion!

Elder Meitler practicing the discussions to a captivating investigator!!!  Or does he think he's found his princess????

 Steven in front of the Washington D.C. temple.
 Look at all of those Book of Mormons he has to give away!!  "Oh, I'll just study the scriptures and sit on them!!!"  (jk)
Elder Meitler and his new companion Elder Sherwani on P-day!!
(a short email from Steve)
 Oh, and the crafts I pick up out here keep me sane haha when I am stressed when pday comes around, just sitting down and doing something with my hands while waiting for my laundry to finish clears my mind :P no worries though it NEVER interferes with the work.  Ok, so for the current update on me........... I have a brand new companion :)!!!!!!! His name is Elder Sherwani (his mom was born in Afganistan, his Dad is from Iran) and Elder Sherwani was born in Pakistan.   He lived there until he was 12 then moved to the US in Virginia (kinda ironic) because now he is serving his mission in Virginia. So he is a convert and has been for 2 years and it is pretty sweet. He is a very easy going guy.  Elder Sherwani is WA"AAAAY different than Elder Peterson. That is pretty much all I can say about that. My letter is short this week because I am sending my memory card home and it has TONS of pictures and videos!!! So enjoy. I love you all and love hearing from you :)

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