Thursday, May 12, 2011

Washington DC temple was phenomenal!!

  April 8th we handed off our investigator Bryan I was so sad to see him go/ every time we met with him he would buy us 50 dollars worth of groceries. So it is really sad to give a solid investigator up like that. so in this week we having been tryng new finding ideas like this week we saw a bunch of kids playing basketball so we did that and got 4 potential investigators and 1 solid contact. This Saturday we went to a yard sale and talked with the owner.  We have really been trying new finding ideas it is so much fun! Also we are not having the baptism this Saturday we are having it next Saturday they have some concerns and they need just a little more time to prepare. We took Jay and Sonia btw to the temple visitor’s center this Saturday and they loved it!  The dc temple is phenomenal!!!!!!!!! It is HUGE!   oh and even though Tom and Linda cut us it is ok because there interest has sparked up again and we are taking them to the temple visitor’s center this Tuesday so I am way excited to go again!! I will make sure to send lots of pics :) well running short on time and I got to so bye for now :) p.s. I weighed 205 when I left on my mission and now I weigh 183. So keep up the fat remarks :) it keeps me motivated :)

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Well this week was amazing!!!!!!!!!! Just to let ya know ha-ha!
     So my companion and I have been teaching a couple, Jay and Sonia.   They are attending church every Sunday and fit into the ward quite nicely.   They love the people, the gospel, and they are really seeing the blessings in their life.   Sonia actually said, “I see a good change in my life soon and I am very excited.”  They are sooo happy!  Probably the most solid investigators ever!  I set a baptismal date for April 16th and we also have a guy named Hosea to be baptized on April 30th.  So the work is moving..... rapidly: P
     Ok ok, so for the cool story……. so as you know I had a drunk guy rip a book of Mormon out of my hand last week but this week I got a gun pulled on me :D  t was AWESOME!!! Ha-ha ok so here is the wrap on the story….. My companion and I were teaching Jay and Sonia everything went awesome as planned (they saw conference too and loved it) they are loving everything about the church. The lesson went on for an hour and we left their house at 8:45.   As my comp and I were high fiving out the door on how awesome the lesson went my companion started heading towards the car to go home. I proceeded to walk in the opposite direction of him, ignoring his decision to go home.  I walked up to a duplex and Elder Peterson quickly came to the door before I knocked on the door (this is a door that was recently tracked out a month ago and they were interested in learning more) so I knocked once and I could see the lights on the TV reflecting off the curtain.   The lights stopped flashing so he must have paused his show so I knocked again. And Haviar came to the door, opened it very slowly with a gun. He busted up laughing and said that in his profession we are not the kind of people he expects to come to the house that late ... it was only 8:45 ha-ha (we think he is in the CIA but we are not really sure) so we talk at his doorstep for a little and I said,  “Well since you pulled a gun on us will you come to the stake conference for conference this Sunday? He said yes and he came! He absolutely loved it! Their family reads the book of Mormon and he is really studying hard to learn more about his church he is even going to the library to get books put out by the church! I have a way good feeling about this family.   Keep jay Sonia and Haviar in your prayers! We need all the help we can get!! Well I love you all till next p-day (p-day is on Mondays now) ELDER MEITLER

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