Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pretty Sweet Miracle for the WEEK!

Pretty sweet miracle for the week; my comp and I have been track ting up a storm.   We live eat and BREATHE track ting ha-ha (hopefully it is low in fat) HA!   And we have been finding sooooo many people to teach!  We are narrowing our work down to sifting the wheat from the tares; finding the ones that are interested rather than trying to be nice.   So while tracking all night we found this guy that basically tells us that he doesn’t need anything but a bible.  And as we were talking on his doorstep he says, “one second I want to show you something.”   He comes out with 3 HUGE books translating Hebrew into English and cross references and the meaning of words and passages. When I saw these readings of his I have never felt so bad for someone.   When he reads the bible in order for him to logically understand something he thinks all of the information is in those three books that were written by some guy that fell away from the Catholic Church and made his own church up. And whenever he has questions about something he asks his pastor!!!! PEOPLE DISREGARD THAT THEY CAN RECIEVE ANSWERS FROM HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!!!!!!!! Instead they rely on whatever their pastor says without questioning him.  Any who, so his name is Matthew and by the time we were wrapping up the lesson I asked him if he would proceed with reading the book of Mormon and ask God if it is worth reading and if the book were true, he said to me that all he needs is his bible and his pastors books. And he said he won’t read the Book of Mormon because he does not have enough time to read every book from every different religion. So I said ok valid point here are some pamphlets it is an easy read we will stop by next Friday to see what you think. so we left and a day later we get a call from him (we didn’t even know he had our number) He had TONS of questions so we wrote his questions down and said we will answer them when we see him on Friday :) (One of his questions was if his wife has to wear a dress Sunday for church) SO HE IS COMING TO CHURCH!!!  Keep Matthew in your prayers so that his heart may be softened to hear and receive our message on Friday!!

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