Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Outback Steakhouse for dinner!!

Well it is p-day again and I love the mission and the people here, it is way fun! I can now say I have been introduced to almost every religion. It is very interesting to hear especially from Hindus.   I have found that I am extremely fascinated by other religions and their beliefs.  I have learned a TON but I also learned that trying to beat someone with scriptural knowledge and logically (almost) never works!  It is through my testimony that has helped bring others closer to conversion through the miracles I have witnessed and sharing experiences that I have obtained. No one can rip down my testimony of the church and the power of prayer! So even though I am not a scripture scholar yet ha-ha I use my testimony a ton. Oh and guess what, we had 5 investigators show up at church on Sunday!!!! So the work is moving along and the members love us!  Like tonight, they are dropping off food from Outback Steakhouse. And when I was at the grocery store a member paid for my food when I was at the check out!! Oh, I had to wear a cast last week for my fingers because I pulled a muscle or hurt a tendon or something so all I could use was my thumbs HA!! So as you can see I am typing on the computer so my fingers are pretty much healed. I am still on my diet I am losing weight slowly but surely. My back feels better than it ever has! Oh and did you get the package I sent you?  Well I hope to hear from ya this month love ya! :)


  1. I love how he has to mention that he thinks he's losing weight! Ha ha! :)

  2. Elder Meitler! Your pictures are enjoyable and your smile is contagious!!! Please keep posting photos! How about some photographs of the ward members, people you are teaching and the area!

    Love you,

    Uncle John

  3. Elder!!!
    You rock! I love it that you love your mission. These are the best two years of your life! I am envious of all that you are experiencing right now. Enjoy it, but stay humble and live the mission rules without exception. You will be blessed!
    I think about you often and tell my boys about how things are going for you. Parker asks me endless questions about missions and companions, etc. He's got the bug already! You are a great example to him.
    We love you, Elder M.! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!! Anita