Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Changing Lives!!!

Well this week has been awesome and tons have been going on!   Busy, busy, busy!   To start off, Michael is in a part member family and has been going through some rough times.   His dad is not a member but his mom and the rest of the family are members.  He has been just struggling with life in general and just 3 days ago he gave us a call and asked if we would talk to him! (He has never called us for anything) So we pull up to his family’s house and he is sitting in his jeep.   We hop in his car and ask, “What’s up?   He told us that he got in a huge fight with his parents so he was going to go out to party but he called us instead and THEN after talking to him for 5 minutes, Bishop Burton called him and asked if he wanted to have an interview in 10 minutes.  (Michael recently got interviewed by the bishop and  felt guilty because he left a lot of stuff out) so we escorted him to the church for support and waited for 30 minutes but it was 9 o’clock so we had to go home.   Then we got a text from him saying that he has never felt better in his entire life!  So just yesterday we went and taught his family a lesson on the plan of salvation but Michael wasn’t there.   Right when we finished Michael came in, sat down on the couch in his living room and Elder Peterson started talking to him.  I joined him and Michael broke out in tears expressing that he has never been this happy in his entire life and thanked Elder Peterson and Elder Meitler for helping him out in this point in his life.   He said, “You two guys have changed my life!  And I know this church is the word of God. “Then he said, “Elder Meitler and Elder Peterson, if you guys don’t baptize any one on your mission it doesn’t matter because you saved me and I am so thankful for your help.”   (That was last night and I am SOOO happy I am able to serve a mission at this time and I hope everyone has the opportunity to serve a mission because this is the greatest thing I have ever done.   I KNOW that the church changes lives.   I love you all till next p-day.   ELDER MEITLER OUT

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