Monday, February 28, 2011

Elder Meitler looks too happy to be flying away from UTAH!

Steve finally wrote a letter and I'd like to summarize.  He is lovin' the mission field even though he has knocked on over 200 doors and only 3 have let him in to talk about the church.  He is surprised how many people hate the mormoms.  He loves tracting because everyday is quite the adventure.  His companion is Elder Petersen whom he loves because he is humble, a quality that Steve hopes to acheive.  (I tried to upload a video that Steve sent but did not have success.  I will try again later.)
     Steve is living in an afluent area and loves the ward and is getting invited for dinner every night.  The apartment that he lives in is in the basement of a beautiful home.  On the video he sent, there is a pool table and ping pong table for the missionaries to enjoy in his basement apartment.   He has noticed while tracting that there are alot of Catholics and Muslims.  One day when they were tracting, Steve said he felt impressed by the Spirit to knock on one more door after they had decided to stop tracting.  That last door ended up being a woman who said she is looking for a church.  (We will hopefully hear about her progress next week.
     Steve also expressed that he is anxious not to be considered a "greenie."   I hope Steve continues to be so upbeat about his mission.  I've not seen him happier!!! 

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  1. Haha!!! I was surprised when I saw this :D its awesome though!!! I can see him doing that..